From robotic helpers to smart pollution sucking roads – the standard of entries blew us away

The Winners

With over 400 brilliant entries, judging was no easy task. But in the end all the judges agreed on these four ideas.

Our youngest winner was Kumba. She invented the brilliant Airbox 1.0 – it sucks in polluted air, cleans it, then feeds it out.

Next was Sunnah and her Robot Dogs. They help dementia sufferers by remembering everything for their owner, bringing food and medicine on time, and giving reminders.

Then Arjan’s Shoppi Trolley. Big enough for people with dementia to sit inside, and with multiple robotic arms and a built-in shopping list, it drives around the shop loading the cart.

Finally, Antonio’s big idea. His amazing Smart Clothes use special fabric that absorbs polluted air and converts to clean air while they’re being worn.

ENTER 2020
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