We're on a mission to brighten up isolation and inspire every child in the nation, with Healthy Young Minds

What Is Healthy Young Minds?

We've created a series of fun projects to open your children's imaginations and get them interested in STEM subjects by having a go at tackling some of society's biggest issues.

Why? Because children come up with the most amazing ideas! Just see last year's entries, done in collaboration with the James Dyson Foundation and Alzheimer's Research UK.

How To Take Part?

Whether at home or with your school, we're asking children aged 5-11 to have a go at one or all of our briefs.

All your child needs to do to take part is download one or all of our worksheets – and then use a pen (or a tablet if they're lucky enough) to create their ground-breaking idea.

Coronakid to the rescue!

Ready to be a virus-busting superhero, Coronakid?


Dyson's next big invention

You might have heard of Dyson for their vacuum cleaners. But did you know they invented their own ventilators in just ten days, to help hospitals treat more Coronavirus patients


Keep the UK's hands squeaky-clean

It's more important than ever to properly wash our hands. But it doesn't have to be boring!


Ready to be an ocean explorer?

We know less about the bottom of the ocean than we do about the moon! Isn't that crazy?


Latest Submissions

Will your little one be a big winner?

The first round of judging will take place on 26th June, with the best 20 entries being awarded with a variety of e-prizes that can be enjoyed by the whole family during lockdown.

To enter, simply upload a scan or photo of your child's entry using the button below. Iszy (our gallery helper) loves a .jpg or png so remember to save their masterpeice in the right format.

Entries should only be uploaded by a parent and include your child's first name, age, school and an email address so winners can be notified.